Uncooked Cards


Available online in the UK exclusively from Cool Cards. All the way from New York: Uncooked Cards. Off-beat irreverent words, sweet illustrations and sweet sentiments.

"Our cards are a lot different to other card lines. It'll take time before they get fully appreciated. Smart people get them first. Idiots catch on later, after someone tells them they're funny".

5" x 7" - Colour envelope - Cello wrapped

You can use the same Uncooked font to personalise your cards.

Uncooked Birthday Cards

it's your birthday
and quite honestly,
you've never looked
better. well, obviously
you looked better
a few years ago but
what can you do.

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Uncooked Love Cards

from the moment we met i knew
we were going to be together
forever. at least we better be.
i've already started to let
myself go a little.

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Uncooked Friendship Cards

if there was an award for
the best friend in the world,
i'd make sure you'd get it.
even if it meant having
unprotected sex with
the judges.

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Uncooked Anniversary Cards

it’s our anniversary
and i'm so happy i'm not
bored or tired of you.
i thought for sure
by now i would be.

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Uncooked Get Well Cards

if i was granted one wish
i'd wish for you to feel better.
actually, never mind.
i can't waste my one
wish on you.

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Uncooked Miss You Cards

no matter where i am or what i'm
doing i'm always thinking of you.
well, not always. i do have a
life you know.

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Uncooked Thank You Cards

thank you so much for
my lovely gift and
for not cheaping out
on me like some other
people i know.

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Uncooked Baby Cards

you're so lucky you have
such a cute baby. if you're
ever strapped for cash, you
could probably sell it for
lots of money.

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Uncooked Parents Cards
Mother's Day and Father's Day Cards

dad i promise that when you get
old and gross i won't put you in
one of those smelly nursing homes.
i'll let you come and live with me.
if there's room.